About Us


NIUBILITY, found in 2019, advocating a green riding way and more convenient in travels. Niubility is the world's leading provider of smart city travel solutions, which provides users more convenient and environmentally friendly smart city travel tools to change urban life and make travels better.


Niubility is the first company in the field of urban travels in China that focuses on overseas brands, spreading the brand concept of technology, trend and economy. Currently, it has been pushed series of electric bicycles and electric scooters.


Niubility's mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. We are passionated about bikes because we believe that bikes change lives through the freedom of mobility. We are fully committed to building the best-value bikes in the industry that are fun to ride with compromising quality, durability, and comfort.

Join us on our journey to innovate and create bikes that are accessible and affordable to more people. 


Niubility products have been channeled through multiple e-commerce platforms in Europe and the United States, and thousands of distributors have sold more ten of thousands of products in the past years.

Our factory covers an area of 2500㎡and has over 150 employees in mainland china. Our own warehouses are over 20000㎡ located in Poland. Fully equipped with testing facilities got related certificates.